Effects of High Fat Ketogenic Diet On Renal Functions of Wistar Rats

1, 2*Edeha, D.O., 2Omigie, M.I., and 2Fayoriju, O.D. 2Agoreyo, F.O.
1Department of Physiology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medical Sciences, University of Benin, Nigeria. 2Department of Physiology, School of Basic Medical and Health Sciences, Benson Idahosa University, Nigeria.
Corresponding Author: daniel.edeha@yahoo.com; Tel: 08073210782
Recieved Date: 1st March, 2023; Accepted Date: 22nd April, 2023; Published Date: June, 2023
Citation: 1, 2*Edeha, D.O., 2Omigie, M.I., and 2Fayoriju, O.D. 2Agoreyo, F.O.

Background/Objective: The ketogenic diets are special diets characterized by a reduction in carbohydrates and a relative increase in the proportion of fat and protein. They are popularly used in the treatment of epilepsy and weight control. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of high fat ketogenic diet on the functions of the kidney. Materials and Methods: Twenty Wistar rats were randomly divided into two diet groups containing ten (10) rats per group and maintained under standard environmental conditions. Group A was the control group and were fed with a normal chow diet. Group B were fed with the modified high fat ketogenic diet containing 65% saturated fat. At the end of five weeks, the kidneys were harvested and processed histologically and blood samples were taken for biochemical assays. Results: The high fat ketogenic diet resulted in a significant increase in serum globulin and total protein of the animals fed with ketogenic diet, compared to control. There was no significant difference in the serum electrolyte levels when both groups were compared, although there was a slight increase in the electrolyte level of animals fed with ketogenic diet. Histological findings revealed marked alteration in the renal structure of animals fed with high fat ketogenic diet including active interstitial congestion, vascular ulceration, stenosis and interstitial infiltrates of inflammatory cells. The result of this study suggests that high fat ketogenic diet may have negative effects on the kidney functions.

Keywords: Ketogenic diet, kidney function, interstitial congestion, vascular ulceration, stenosis.
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