Volume 1 No. 2, December 2020: 2020

December, 2020

Original Research Articles

Inhibitory effect of beetroot (Beta vulgaris) juice extract, and its implication for cardiovascular disease.

Ogedengbe, O.O, Onwuatuegwu, C.I, Adigwe,V, Ukwonwo- Ediale, A.C, Oboh, H.A.

Dysbiosis in Obese Wister Rats fed with Pakala (Phaseolus lunatus) and Iru (Parkia biglobosa)

Awoyinka, O.A., Omodara, T.R., Oladele, F.C., Alese, M.O . Odesanmi, E.O Ajayi, D.D. Adeleye, G.S Olawumi, M.A