• Journal of

    Basic and Applied Medical Sciences (JBAMS)

  • Published by School of Basic Medical Sciences,

    College of Medical Sciences

  • Maiden Edition

    DECEMBER, 2019


The Journal welcomes editors in the areas and sub-disciplines of Anatomy, Immunology, Medical Laboratory Science, Medical Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Nursing Science, Nutrition, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Physiotherapy or Medical Rehabilitation, Physiology, Translational Research and Radiology/Imaging Science.

All contributions are evaluated according to the criteria of originality and quality of the scientific content. The manuscript needs to be prepared strictly according to the guidelines provided in the Journal and it should be submitted via online submission system or hard copy. All submissions should carry a covering letter, which must state that the present article has neither been published nor under consideration for publication in any other journal.Each new submission is assigned to a primary editor, who reads the paper, consults with other editors, and decides whether it should be sent for peer review. The Editor-in-chief can reject if the submitted article is not of sufficient interest and lacking novelty. In addition, articles will be immediately rejected if the manuscript is lacking in creativity, containing significant scientific or technical flaws, or deficient in considerable message. Once a manuscript is accepted for peer review, the corresponding authors will receive a conformation e-mail with a reference number assigned to the paper, which he/she is asked to quote all subsequent correspondence.

The journal ascertains that research studies conducted must be abide by ethical as well as human and animal rights policies provided by the responsible committee of the institution and in accordance with the Declaration of Helsinki (as revised in Edinburgh 2000), available at Ethical Consideration http://www.wma.net/en/30publications/10policies/b3/index.html.

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